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16th Annual Young Child Expo & Conference NYC April 30, 2019

January 26, 2020

“Highly rated as one of the best early childhood conferences!”

Pre-K Day

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Los Niños Training and Bank Street College are co-sponsoring our pre-conference day at the Young Child Expo & Conference. It is called Pre-K Day. It will be a day full of workshops focusing on the following topics: Math, Blocks & Play, Coaching and Teacher Support (leadership), Social-Emotional and Culturally Responsive Practice (to reduce behavior issues), Special Education, Parent Engagement with all families, and Strategies. Register for a great day of learning!


The 16th Annual Young Child Expo & Conference promises to be another highly rated inspiring professional development opportunity.

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Early Childhood Professionals with Pizzazz!

Joshua D. Alvarez, MA, Education Consultant, Kaplan Early Learning Company, CA

Do you feel excited each day you work with young children? Or, are you feeling burned out, tired or can’t wait for the weekend to get here? You will be taken on an exciting journey by putting the PIZZAZZ/spark into your daily responsibilities. When you have that PIZZAZ, positive attitude and excitement, then everybody else around you will be excited and have a positive ATTITUDE too! Learn innovative ways and strategies to keep yourself, children, parents and staff in a positive mode. Your positive thoughts, your positive actions and your positive ATTITUDE will become your destiny. You will be reminded how we play an essential part in setting the foundation for our future. Everything we say and everything we do matters in the lives of children and their families. That is why we have to be intentional and dedicated on a daily basis. Being that intentional professional will keep us committed to the child development principles and will keep us being sensitive to the needs of children and their families. You will leave this keynote fueled and ready to make an impact in our future.

Thursday May 2, 2019

Addressing Inequities and Ensuring Excellence: Role of Early Learning Systems and Programs

Iheoma U. Iruka, PhD, Chief Research Innovation Officer, Center for Early Education Evaluation, HighScope Educational Research Foundation, MI

Poverty, race, culture, religion, or zip code should not determine a child’s trajectory, opportunity, and eventual life success. Addressing the achievement gap must go beyond gazing at third grade test scores and blaming children and families, and many times schools. A sole focus on the achievement gap without consideration of the causes will ensure the permanency of this gap. This presentation will delve into how best schools and systems, including early education programs and systems, can be of service to children, families, and communities by dismantling and eradicating barriers to opportunities. Discussion will focus on understanding and addressing inequities and biases in systems and programs with a goal towards equitable opportunities, such as examining how current federal and local policies can be utilized to afford opportunities for those who have been marginalized. Participants will engage in deep reflection about their roles in ensuring that young children and their families are provided with equitable opportunities to meet their potential, especially during the early years.


Friday May 3, 2019

Identity Leadership and Development Begins in Young Children

Stedman Graham, Chairman & CEO, S. Graham & Associates, IL

Identity leadership is based on the philosophy that you must lead yourself before you can lead others. Your success is based on your willingness to be a leader of your own life.  As self-leaders, knowing who we are and being clear about our identity are necessary to navigate our lives. It is critical that we learn how to adapt without losing our sense of who we are. The key is to know ourselves.  Identity development starts in the earliest years and thus those who work with young children can have a large impact on others. Now more than any other time, we need to be self-learners who are responsible for our work and accountable to the organizations, families or communities we serve. People who are secure in their identity can see beyond.