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Brooklyn Beanstalk



How do you walk on a giant sphere? Or on stilts? Or make your friends laugh with a pratfall or a funny trick? How about making a human pyramid?

A typical circus camp day is made up of specific classes in gymnastic & acrobalance, physical comedy, juggling and balancing on objects such as walking globes or rola bola, and the creation of parade masks and carnival puppets and outdoor playtime at Fort Greene Park.  Children will not only learn the fundamentals of Circus Arts but will experience first hand the process of making a show.

Location: At Cumbe, 558 Fulton Street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn




Brooklyn Beanstalk is an arts­‐driven educational organization offering specialized Spanish and French language immersion classes and creative enrichment programs through arts and performances, to children aged 16 months throughout elementary grades, childcare centers, playgroups and private settings all across NYC. Brooklyn Beanstalk is committed to fostering the critical thinking of students by creating a fun, interactive learning environment that promotes development and a long lasting love of languages and the arts.



Brooklyn Beanstalk programs are designed to offer children the most essential components to becoming happy, curious, social and self confident lifelong learners. We believe that when we are feeling secure and happy and directly involved socially with our peers, we are able to learn without fear and therefore integrate challenging information in a very resourceful and creative way, and in turn, develop and articulate tools for our own development and the ones around us.



Beanstalk Team Brooklyn Beanstalk was founded in 2010 by French performing artists, Sophie Amieva and Stephanie Larriere. With backgrounds in theater and dance, respectively, they have been practicing teaching artists in NYC for the past ten years, working with numerous NYC educational and art organizations including NYU before the launching of their immersion program.

As well as the Founding Directors, Beanstalk is made up of a team of highly experienced teachers and educational professionals who are passionate about art and learning and about sharing that passion with children. Our team is all native French and Spanish speakers and they carry the richness of their native cultures with them in their teaching.

Our Language Classes


Our classes incorporate the appropriation of language routines (expression of general greetings or daily communication) through songs, acting, games or dances in an age appropriate level and involves a specific subject of exploration developped over a trimestrial session through story telling and crafting. Talk to us today about which class is right for your child.

Registration and payment online.     Credit card accepted.   

Last minute registration email: 

Our Circus Classes



Our classes introduce students to a range of Circus Arts disciplines including acrobatics, juggling, balance and physical comedy in an age appropriate level.
While learning to master new skills, children develop a sense of self confidence, creativity and collaboration with each other in a non competitive way and discover how their imagination is shaping the circus world. 

“Brooklyn Beanstalk offers playgroup, tutoring and classes in French and Spanish languages immersion and Circus Arts to babies, toddlers, kids, teens and are located in Prospect Heights, Carroll Garden, Park Slope and Crown Heights, Brooklyn”

Registration and payment online.    Credit card accepted.    


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