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January 26, 2020

New York City’s leading foreign language program for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Take a ride with usinto the enchanting world of global citizenship!


Established in 2000 by Founder and CEO Patrizia Saraceni Corman, Carousel’s mission is to provide our youngest generation with the intellectual stimulation and educational advantage gained through early exposure to more than one language. We celebrate cultural diversity and nurture global citizens. Carousel’s program is backed by extensive research and grounded in two decades of classroom success!

Studies show that early introduction to multiple languages has many cognitive, creative, and academic benefits—and actually builds a more powerful brain by boosting synaptic connections.

Carousel Teaching System®, our proprietary curriculum, emphasizes the importance of experiential, multisensory learning through verbal, visual, and tactile association. Our fullimmersion, play-based classes are structured around early childhood themes, enhanced with custom illustrations and captivating props. The curriculum fosters Core Areas of Child Development and is aligned to the highest standards in early childhood education.

At our NYC flagship, we offer classes in 11 languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Hindi, Greek, German and English. Our native-speaking teachers are ambassadors of the international community, working to enrich our children’s experience of culture and diversity and the pleasure and benefits of multilingualism. Carousel teachers bring a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds, a passion for language education, and their love of young children into every classroom. They come from the most respected education schools and are specially trained in the Carousel Teaching System®.

Our class options include one-hour classes for infants, toddlers, and young children, Carousel Academy—a two-hour preschool alternative for 2s and 3s, and after-school classes and tutoring for older students. Each class is limited to 5 children or fewer, and groups are carefully constructed based on age, experience level, and the individual learning needs of participants. Our special focus is the most vital language learning window: 0-3 years old.

In her fascinating TED talk, “The Linguistic Genius of Babies,” Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Co-Director of the Institute for Learning and Brain Science at the University of Washington, explains that in the first 12 months of life, infants everywhere are “Citizens of the World” who can discriminate all the sounds of all languages. Early exposure to more than one language, especially during this sensitive period, has important long-term benefits, as phonological awareness is associated with subsequent stages of language acquisition and success in reading.

However, babies only learn language through human contact—face-to-face interaction, cuddling, talking, reading, playing, smiling, singing, and movement. Carousel of Languages’ beautiful, family-like learning environment is one of the most important features of our program. Every detail is impeccably curated to engage the senses, spark curiosity, and inspire children to become eager lifelong learners. When a child walks through the door of Carousel, they enter an atmosphere that’s warm, inviting, and full of love. They’re greeted by name by doting teachers and devoted staff who guide them into a world of texture, color, music, and the rich sounds of many languages.

They’re encouraged to explore, touch, hold, and ask questions. They organically begin learning fundamental life skills such as how to say a friendly “hello” (hola, bonjour, nĭ hăo!) and shake hands; they develop routine, a vital part of school-readiness. “To expose a child to beauty,” says Patrizia, “and to provide an enchanting place to learn, is an act of love and respect for the child. In turn, a child learns to appreciate and respect the immense beauty all around them.”

Patrizia chose a carousel to represent the program because it’s not only a classic childhood amusement, but the Italian word for carousel is giostra, which also means beautiful abundance. And that’s what we have in our program—a beautiful abundance of languages, cultures, children, teachers, and beauty.

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