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Collina Italiana – Italian Language and Cultural Center

February 18, 2019

New York Jewish Parenting Guide sat down with Alessandra Greco the Director of the Children’s Program for Collina Italiana to learn more about the Italian School and Cultural Center.

 Alessandra was raised in Rome. She has an impressive educational background as she attended the prestigious Universita’ degli Studi Roma Tre where she earned a degree in foreign languages and literature. In addition to mastering English, Alessandra is also fluent in Spanish and French.

Q and A with NYJPG and Alessandra Greco:

NYJPG: Who founded the school and when?

AG: Patriza Saglio founded the school in 2007.

NYJPG– What was the concept for the school?

AGThe concept for the school was/is to teach the Italian spoken today developing the four main abilities (Reading, Writing, Listening and Oral Skills) and discover the contemporary culture of Italy through the culinary arts, wine, film, lectures, conversation, outings, and more.


NYJPG—What is the learning environment/setting like?

AG:Our language and cultural center is known for offering Italian classes in a contemporary setting, including workshops in both Italian wine and books. Depending on the time of your class, you’ll be served either cappuccino or sparkling Prosecco while learning the bella lingua and the bella vita of Italy.

NYJPG–What sets this type of school apart from others like it?

AG:  We offer a unique opportunity for a comprehensive learning experience in small groups (3 to 8 students.)

NYJPG–Do you offer offsite and on site classes?

AGYes, we do offer offsite and on site classes.


NYJPG—Do you offer group, private, tutoring classes for both children and adults?

AG: Yes,  our language and cultural center offers group, private and tutoring classes for both children and adults.

NYJPG —Are there classes for commercial/business Italian or just conversational?

AG: Yes, in addition to our regular grammar and conversational classes we offer also commercial/business courses.

NYJPG— Do students speak in Italian all day-using no English – to immerse themselves totally into language?

AGIt depends on the level. We like the idea to guide our students into the Italian language gradually, beginners use some English but advanced students are totally immersed.

NYJPG — Are the students also introduced to Italian Literature, Architecture, Plays, films, cuisine to experience the totally Italian culture?

AGThat is a very important part of the learning experience here at Collina Italiana. We truly believe in giving  our students an authentic experience: there is no language without culture. We suggest our students to be an active part of our center, participating to the several events we offer.


NYJPG—Are there extra-curricular activities such as camp activities etc that the school offers?

AG:We offer a mini-camp for children. It is divided  in two sessions, for 2015 the first one goes from June 8th to July 17th and the second one from August 10th to September 4th.

The program is designed for kids (and parents) who want to absorb the warm and lively culture of Italy. Have fun Italian style: Learn and practice Italian, meet new friends, and enjoy a unique summer in the city. The program includes:

·         Giochiamo in Italiano: learn Italian through play – music, theater, and games.

·         Cinema Italiano: study Italian through animated movies and cartoons.

·         Arte Insieme: be creative – make art and speak Italian.

·         Piccolo Teatro: perform your favorite star. Act in Italiano.

·         Le Uscite: outings to museums to discover Italian art

·         Il Tavolo in Italiano: summer school but more fun!

Alessandra, many thanks for your time and sharing the valuable insight information with us.

For more information, please call or email Alessandra Grego at

212-427-7770 or email her directly at

Meyer Harroch – New York Jewish Parenting Guide