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Elf Tennis

243 West 75th Street #2a, New York, NY 10023

Phone: +1.917-426-3264


 Star Coaches

Our Founder

ElfTennis Founder and Owner, Esther Forrester, was raised in New York. She began playing tennis against her garage wall and after breaking a few windows moved on to breaking opponents’ blistering serves. She earned All-County honors in high school and played Division I collegiate tennis for Stony Brook University, where she was an Academic All-American. She holds PTR certifications and  is an avid competitor. She was ranked Nationally in the 30 and over Women’s Doubles.  She has been teaching tennis lessons for over 15 years and is beloved by her students.

Stellar Classes



We offer high performance, quickstart  tennis lessons. Classes are one hour long and feature a small student to teacher ratio. We have developed a high velocity system; Students always hit at least 100 balls in a class. We focus on developing eye hand coordination, agility, strength, and fitness as well as proper stroke mechanics.  We also teach life skills and values such as cooperation,  integrity, goal setting, sportsmanship, and communication.Students may bring their own racquet or they can borrow a racquet. Students should wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.

Preschool: Ages 3-5. During these classes students work closely with an expert tennis instructor. Through interactive, fantasy-like games and tennis drills, students develop fine and gross motor skills and receive an introduction to the fundamentals of tennis: forehands, backhands, volleys, and overheads.

Elementary I: Ages 6-8. During these tennis classes, students further develop the skills learned in the preschool class. Students engage in challenging, interactive games and tennis drills, competitive and cooperative point play, as well as stimulating agility and endurance exercises. Students develop social skills such as cooperation, goal setting, and handling disappointment.


Elementary II Ages 9-11. During these tennis classes, students fine tune stroke mechanics, receive an introduction to shot selection, develop tennis matchplay strategy, and further improve endurance and agility.


“I love tennis with coach Esther. Before I took tennis lessons, I thought it wouldn’t be fun, but now I realize that tennis is an awesome sport,” Sam, Upper West Side.

“Before, I took tennis lessons, I couldn’t serve, now my serve goes swoosh, swoosh. Thanks so much, Coach Esther” Hannah, Brooklyn.

“Coach Esther’s games are so imaginative and fascinating, I forget that I’m actually in a class,” Jamie, Riverdale.

“We tried Rex in so many sports and he refused to participate in any of them. When he did tennis he actually asked for more lessons,” Rich, Upper East Side.


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