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Expecting! Annual Pregnancy and Parenting Event Due for its 4th Consecutive Year

April 1, 2020

Since we can remember, people around us have been and are still having babies. Thanks to the Internet, books, friends, and family, we develop a gist of what to expect during pregnancy and onward when becoming first-time parents. Many of us are seeking the right way, best way, or safest way when it comes to raising kids without seeking the “right” or “best” resource.  What if you could have your personal pregnancy and baby questions answered by a professional who isn’t a complete stranger and actually practices locally?

That idea became reality with the birth of Pregnant Island, an annual health and wellness event for expecting couples and new parents of Long Island now in its 4th year. Founder and host, Eleana Kaidanian felt there was a need to turn the tables and literally bring the experts to her fellow community members. “I wanted to create an educational parenting seminar that was social and fun at the same time,” says Kaidanian.

Elissa, an attendee from last year’s Pregnant Island event said it best, “I do agree you can find a lot through Google and that is where you will get most of your information, but there is something to be said about personal connections and actually meeting someone who is knowledgeable in their field face-to-face.”

We couldn’t agree more! With an enlightening panel of guest speakers, including childbirth educator Nicole Casimir, pediatrician and lactation Consultant Dr. Lauren Macaluso, and pediatric sleep coach Rebeccca Kammerer, attendees will be sure to get up-to-date with current guidelines in those respective health fields. For the the first time there will also be a non-health-related piece provided by Priya Nembhard, co-founder of Moms Pump Here, discussing creative yet simple ways to make traveling with babies and young children more manageable, promising that Summer recess slowly but surely is making its way.

Kaidanian, a registered dietitian, will also be sharing the latest recommendations issued by the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease on methods for the introduction of peanut containing foods to infants as a way to reduce the risk of developing the life-threatening food allergy.

Pregnant Island events also introduce attendees to local businesses who share the same mission of promoting health, wellness, and education during prenatal, postpartum, and the early childhood period. The Absolute Yoga Studio of Woodbury and My Classy Baby- a Mommy & Me ASL sign language program are to name a few.

The 4th Annual Pregnant Island Health and Wellness Event will be held on Sunday, May 21st 2017 from 12-2pm at the Woodbury Jewish Center Vivien Grossman Early Childhood Education Program in Woodbury, New York. To purchase tickets and learn more about the upcoming event visit: