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GAN At Hillel Brooklyn College- Jewish Day Care

GAN Jewish Day Care
2901 Campus Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone: 718-338-7575

The goal of our preschool is to provide a safe and nurturing environment fquality education for pre-school age children. In doing so, provide a stimulating educational experience that will foster each individual  child’s social/emotional and cognitive skills in order tfor them o become successful in the future.

The curriculum that we provide in our facility includes learning all about the rich Jewish heritage. In order to pass down this culture we teach the students all about  the Jewish holidays, the Jewish customs and the Hebrew alphabet. This is taught through story telling, dramatic play, music, dance and most importantly first hand experiences.


In addition to our cultural studies our education also encompasses all major subjects of learning.  These subjects include math and problem solving, reading and writing readiness, science and observation of nature, as well as social studies of the community around us. Each age group will be focusing on their own unique age appropriate goals.  The first age group is our youngest and they focus on learning colors and shape recognition as well as identifying the seasons and simple easily observed changes in the environment around them.  The middle group reviews the concepts of the previous year as well as starts to explore their communities and their place in it.  This age group starts being exposed to the alphabet and the numbers.  The last group, the older students, experience these concepts on a deeper level.  They learn to write and recognize the alphabet and numbers through song, play and practice.

All ages get to experience their lessons through many sensory developing exercises such as cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and other creative art projects.


Our program is also designed to promote students to become more independent and be able to carry out the simple everyday self-help tasks of dressing, toileting and cleaning after themselves. Students will also experience invaluable social lessons such as sharing, taking turns and conflict resolution among peers.

We always encourage family involvement in our curriculum and in the learning experience of our student body.  In order to foster this collaborative educational community we ask the parents to join us by chaperoning trips and participate in Holiday

Workshops throughout the year. 

In our program teachers encourage good behavior by rewarding the kids. Our staff is experienced and licensed. Our teachers work hard to build up the children’s self esteem, instill confidence, and help each individual child feel special.  In the beginning of the year we have an orientation that last for two hours and will allow the parents to meet with the children’s teachers. All children’s medical forms must be up to date. Please mail your child’s medical form or bring the form with you to the orientation.

If you have any questions please call the Gan office at 718-338-7575.


 Gan – Jewish Day Care

Yafit Elbaz                           Maytal

Executive Director                 Educational Director


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