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New York Bilingual : We celebrate bilingual living in NYC: Live bilingual.

November 19, 2018

New York Bilingual, we are passionate linguists, French & Spanish native speakers or bilinguals, eager to coach and teach professionals, individuals & kids providing a cultural awareness of another country.​

We thrive in assisting our clients embracing bilingual living with personal language needs and those with their international businesses in offering optimal communication services through translating, interpreting and education, in person in NYC or online.

We provide a unique, professional and customized experience resulting in top-notch results for our clients.


We celebrate bilingual living in NYC: Live bilingual.

We are a language coaching business, in French, Spanish, ESL English.

Our mission is to connect businesses through translation, interpretation and education services.

The way we approach language education with our language coaches as facilitators, is mainly based on interaction between students in a one on one private coaching or in forming groups.

We provide a unique professional and customized experience resulting in top-notch results for our clients.

1/ We interpret: We assist you with live, clear & efficient communication with global partners.

2/ We translate: We assist you all the way: from basics to launching your business on global markets

3/ We speak (We also skype): one on one private coaching. We encourage real life situations along with a speaking method for beginners, tailored to your own needs and favorite topics for more advanced students.

4/ We teach: Rapid courses: (Crash courses): in person at your office & soon at We Work locations.

Structure of a course :12 classes – 1 hour each class – Lunch time or Evening time – 4 or 6 weeks – twice or 3 times/weekly) – 3 to 6 students max.

Benefits of crash courses

  • Create momentum
  • Strong foundation of language acquisition
  • Consistency and frequency in a learning process
  • Boost the connection to a language
  • Support speaking and understanding at a faster pace
  • Being empowered in acquiring speaking skills.

. A fun and fulfilling experience

We use a speaking method combining with cultural awareness tips.

5/ Bilingual education for kids: We also assist children which are in bilingual school, bilingual home and eager to enter a bilingual school with full immersion coaching.

Our language coaches are trained, passionate linguists, native speakers or bilinguals eager to coach people combining with culture awareness of another country.

Call us at (347) 523 2784 or visit us at or