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Tutors on Wheels

369 Lexington Ave, Suite 333 | New York, NY | 646-237-7811 |
68-60 Austin St. | Forest Hills, NY | 718-268-0092 or 718-268-0133

TOLL FREE: 1-877-TUTOR NY / (718) 268-0092

What We Do and How We Do It

Tutors on Wheels promotes academic achievement through individual and small-group tutoring. We make it easy for students to get the help they need by travelling to their homes, schools, and community centers. Our Online Tutoring option lets parents organize sessions around their student’s schedule. Online Tutoring brings Tutors on Wheels to our students’ doorsteps all over the United States.

Who We Serve

We teach students of all abilities in all grades and subjects. Tutors on Wheels also provides educational services through alliances with schools, libraries, nonprofits and government agencies.

Who We Are

Tutors on Wheels is a group of diverse, dedicated, and experienced educators who partner with parents and schools to help their students achieve, reinforce, and sustain academic success. Our tutors work hard to build and maintain these partnerships. We know that without them, our students’ academic improvements will be short lived.

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To use the national standards for teaching and learning set forth in the Common Core to innovate curriculum.  To maintain high expectations for all students as learners, productive human beings, and future citizens. To embrace changing technologies and pedagogy that have the potential to improve teaching and learning.



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