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12 Reasons Why Sending Your Children to Jewish Summer Camp Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do This Summer

By Mendy Kaminker and Mordechai Lightstone

As the summer approaches and school ends, a world of seemingly limitless possibilities for enrichment, education and entertainment present themselves for our children. Unique among the options, however, are the opportunities afforded by attending a Jewish summer camp.

In recent years, countless studies have shown that the informal, experiential education provided by summer camp is critical to forming lasting Jewish bonds and beacons of Jewish identity for young children.

Join us as we list 12 reasons Jewish summer camp is so great:

1. Because they serve gefilte fish

Well, that’s not entirely true. We’ve personally attended many Jewish summer camps that never served succulent loaves of gefilte fish on their tables. Shocking, we know. Fish aside, a good Jewish summer camp will be sure to serve kosher food for your child, nourishing your child’s body and soul.

2. Because a proud Jew is a healthy Jew.

Credit: Chabad of Northeast Queens—Mini Gan Izzy

And you want your children to have the greatest spiritual health. When children attend a Jewish summer camp, they are able to stretch their Jewish “muscles,” grow, and explore their place among our people.

3. Because it’s time to get physical . . .


Credit: Chabad of South Africa /
Credit: Chabad of South Africa /


Even the greatest soul needs a strong body, as Maimonides writes: “The health and wellbeing of the body is part of one’s service of G‑d.”

4. . . . and spiritual

A real Jewish camp will be based on educating campers about the Torah,mitzvot, and history of the Jewish people. Critical year round, but for children who don’t attend Jewish school during the year, camp is a unique chance to learn about Judaism.

5. Because no matter where you are in the world, there’s a Jewish camp nearby.

Jewish camps are often at the heart of communities around the world. For example, Chabad’s network of Gan Israel camps can be found in some seventy countries. That means that no matter where in the world you are, a chance for an exciting summer of Jewish learning and exploration is accessible.

6. Because what’s a summer without tons of fun?

There’s never a dull moment at Jewish summer camps: activities, sing-alongs, camping, hiking, color war and more. The spark in their eyes will tell you how much they enjoyed their time.

7. Because, let’s admit it, you also need a break . . .

You’re a great parent. We know that. Your kids know it. But even the greatest parents deserve some time off. A Jewish summer camp will be a great place for your children to be while you recharge.

8. Because they learn about the holidays . . .

Rosh Hashanah isn’t only apples and honey, Passover isn’t only matzah ball soup. Let your children discover a world full of fun Jewish holidays.

9. Because there will be plenty of camp plays


Credit: Gan Yisrael, Melbourne
Credit: Gan Yisrael, Melbourne

I mean, who doesn’t love a good sing-along?

10. Because the camp counselors are amazing


Credit: Camp Gan Israel, Milwaukee
Credit: Camp Gan Israel, Milwaukee


Professional and courteous, each counselor is dedicated to giving your child a meaningful and powerful learning experience in safe and warm environment.

11. Because they will come home happy!


Credit: Chabad of Ulyanovsk, Russia
Credit: Chabad of Ulyanovsk, Russia


In Judaism, happiness is a great thing, and Jewish camps do everything in their power to make your child happy.

12. And immediately begin counting down for next year.


Credit: Beth Loubavitch, Charenton
Credit: Beth Loubavitch, Charenton

So send your child to a Jewish summer camp—you will be happy you did!

Look for a Jewish summer camp in your area today! You can also click here to search hundreds of camps that are part of the Gan Israel Chabad camp network.


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