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Bike-Stroller Combo ‘Taga’ Lets Parents Transport Kids The Green Way

It’s a beautiful day and you’re a parent with local errands to run. With such nice weather outside it’s a shame to take your car out of the driveway, but pushing your child in a stroller can take forever. A bicycle would be a really good option, but unfortunately most bikes are two-wheelers with a child seat in the back, which are usually unstable and lacking important features parents and kids want.

Enter Taga, an Israeli startup company aiming to make it more practical, comfortable, safe, and easy to ride family bikes.

Taga‘s first family bike, the Taga 1.0 bike-stroller, was created in 2007 and can be spotted around the globe. The original design concept, a bicycle that transforms into a stroller, was very popular, but the company sought to make a more affordable model without compromising quality or the features.

With its new and improved version, Taga 2.0, the company seeks to take family bikes and travel to the next level. Taga is a safe and versatile way not only to handle day-to-day errands, but also a fun way to enjoy an active lifestyle with your children. Obviously, it’s much ‘greener’ than a car.

Recently launched on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, Taga 2.0 raised $1.5 million in less than two weeks – 14 times the company’s original goal of $100,000. The newly launched Taga 2.0 starts at $599 on Kickstarter, below the standard price of similar bikes.

Taga 2.0 has three wheels; in essence, it’s a tricycle for adults, which enables an easy and steady ride. The addition of a child carriage in the front allows for up to two kids to face both forwards and backwards while having enough space to store other cargo alongside. The child-seat attachment is versatile with multiple options including seat reclining and a full canopy enclosure for riding in bad weather.

Riders can secure an attachment bar which allows them to add various items, such as interactive toys, drinking bottles, and even a water gun. The entire bike is completely collapsible and can easily fit into a car trunk, or in most small spaces.

“With Taga 2.0 we are trying to create a method of transportation that is both practical and affordable,” Hagai Barak, Co-Founder and CEO of Taga, said in a statement. “Cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but here at Taga we are looking to shift the focus from cargo to family. Taga 2.0 will be the next step not just for recreational bike riding, but for family transportation as a whole.”

Kids don’t need to take a back seat

With Taga 2.0, kids are sitting in the front, so parents and children can explore the world together. Carefully crafted with lots of add-ons for the entire family, Taga views their hybrid bike-stroller as a new way for riders to go green while staying active. But Taga is not just for shuttling kids around. Even if you don’t have kids, but just want to use it to carry your pets or cargo, Taga is just the ticket.


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In 2008 Taga first built aproduction line in Taiwan and the following year launched their first product – the Taga 1.0 convertible bike-stroller. Over the years, Taga sold their bike-strollers in over 40 countries, shipping them from their warehouses in the Netherlands, the US and Taiwan. Taga won several design and engineering awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Red Herring Top 100 Award and the two most prestigious awards in the bicycle and stroller industries: Eurobike and the Kind & Jugend award.

In 2014, Taga was ready for their next challenge – the Taga 2.0. The team began by reaching out to their customers and getting their feedback for a better understanding of their needs. With careful attention placed into every detail, Taga 2.0 is an easy to operate modern style bike-stroller with intuitive functionality that parents seek.

Whether it’s taking kids to school, running errands, or getting from place to place, Taga 2.0 seeks to turn what used to be a hassle into fun.

By Yonatan Sredni, NoCamels

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