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The New York Jewish Parenting Guide

Submission Information

We invite you to join us and be part of a growing group dedicated to the expansion of articles for our blog.

To submit an article, send it in the body of an email or as a Word.doc attachment. Pictures are also important; when possible, they give additional information to support and enhance your article. Include them as JPG or GIF attachments. You may include a one- or two-line bio of yourself if you wish.

Our guidelines are simple:

The article must have a tie-in with something Jewish or, in general, Jewish in nature. It can be an experience that you wish to share, an insight, or something in a general context. We do not have any venue or agenda that we push or prefer. Your thoughts, expertise in an area, and knowledge can be valuable to others. We prefer original material, although we have published material that has previously been published.

The authors are responsible for all material used. Copyright infringements are the sole responsibility of the authors.

Using Our Articles

We request that all persons who desire to use an article from the New York Jewish Parenting Guide contact the editor.

Until further notice, we are not accepting article submissions at this moment.

The New York Jewish Parenting Guide