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Joffrey Ballet School

434 Sixth Ave., 3rd, 4th, & 5th Floors | New York, NY | 212-254-8520 |


The Joffrey Ballet School fuses multiple styles of balletic training to create a curriculum that is uniquely Joffrey. We have incorporated fundamentals and best practices from these styles to create the American style of dance training that is Joffrey. We have gone many steps further incorporating modern understanding of human anatomy and physiology to minimize dance related injuries while maximizing strength, endurance and flexibility.

The Joffrey dancer is also trained in multiple other forms of dance including Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Character, and so much more.

The Dance Training at the Joffrey Ballet School has been designed into levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance expertise of each student. Students will elevate to higher levels at the conclusion of each year, in a systematic and progressive manner.

We produce well-rounded, versatile artists that will thrive in today’s dance environment.

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The Joffrey Ballet School transforms passionate dance students into versatile, individualistic artists able to collaborate and evolve fluidly in a fast-changing society.

Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino founded the Joffrey Ballet School in 1953. The school continues to strive for its founders’ vision by deconstructing dance to allow dancers the ability to perfect their technique and form so it flows naturally and passionately from within. We cultivate the individual artist within you.

In more than fifty years of existence, the Joffrey Ballet School has remained on the forefront of American dance education. Graduates of the School have gone on to dance for major classical ballet companies, as well as for numerous modern and contemporary companies, both in the United States and abroad.

The Joffrey Ballet School is the only ballet school in New York City that offers a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both classical ballet (technique, pointe, variations, adagio, men’s classes) and contemporary ballet (technique, improvisation, partnering), as well as modern, character, choreography, dance history, music, pilates and yoga. Special workshops are taught by guest faculty to augment the curriculum. All dance classes have live piano accompaniment, and live cello and percussion accompaniment is used in some contemporary and modern classes.

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The Joffrey Ballet School is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance and meets the US Department of Education standards for a school of vocational training. the trainee program leads to a certificate. The certificate is conferred on Trainees who complete 3450 hours of training – over a minimum of four (4) years and a maximum of six (6) years – and maintain satisfactory progress.

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