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Marta Blair: Smart Babies Love This Artist

September 24, 2023

I’m so excited to share Kid Size Studio’s new beautiful line for babies (and kids!) because the artist and designer, Marta Blair, is a dear friend of mine.

Today I get to share her warm, generous nature with you and our plans in getting her new line ready to present at the New York Baby Show this weekend, May 17 and 18.

And, of course, you know I’m always fascinated by work and home spaces and how creative people set up their environment so this is just the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Marta Blair is a graphic designer and artist, originally from Medellin, Colombia, who has made New York City her home for the past 16 years. She has worked in textile designs for Koko Company, Martha Stewart and other firms as well creating art on large canvases – a sampling of which you will see here in her home today.

When I arrived for our photo session, I was ready to set up my tripod and camera and get to work, but she had a beautiful table set full of cheese and butter with warm arepas (Colombian savory cakes made of corn) on the way. Lucky me!

(If her art reminds you of my website, well you’ve got good eye. It’s her art that graces every page of Tame Space.)

This year Marta is presenting her first collection for children, a line of quilts, pillows, toys, totes and more with sweet animals drawn in bold black and white contrast. It’s well known that babies love to look at high contrast images and this gorgeous line for baby fits the bill in the most charming way.

Please enjoy these photos and the Q&A below.

Kid Size Studio, Baby Quilt


Q&A With Marta Blair

R: Your sketchbooks are delightful to look at and show your unique view of the world. I’m so happy when I am in your apartment because your art is very energizing and it fills me with a desire to be creative as well. You often travel to Colombia to visit family. Do you have any favorite places to go when you are there to see art, or nature or take your kids to?

MB: I love traveling and I got to travel a lot a few years ago to many countries in South Asia but my traveling has reduced tremendously since my kids were born. I hope that will change again soon. We mostly travel to Colombia now to visit our family. Every day over there it is a precious time for us. Just the simple experience of eating together and going to the beach or the countryside gives meaning to out trip. We come back recharged and full of love!

Marta Blair’s Truly Amazing Suitcases

R: Your home is lively with color but also peacefully simple. It makes me wish I had grown up in an apartment like this in New York City. You created the design for the baby line here. Do you find it inspiring to work from home?

MB: Thank you! Yes! I created this series of drawings after my second baby was born in my previous apartment, I have always lived surrounded with color and kind of “breathe color” everyday, so it’s funny that this line is all in black & white. While developing the art work, I found it more and more fascinating to be able to tell a story with almost no color at all.

Also, I love working from home. To have that luxury in New York City’s rushed life style makes me very happy.

Kid Size Studio, Canvas Prints

Kid Size Studio, Canvas Prints

Marta Blair

Marta’s home is suffused with color and is even in the smallest of details, like these sweet light pulls in every room.

R: Do you have any daily rituals, something that gets your creativity flowing before you work?

MB: Well, I have my rituals but they are not daily at all. It’s hard to get into an established routine with two small kids around the house, but I do have my quiet moments of candles, wine, music, writing and drawing.

Kid Size Studio, Stamps

R: You’re selling the line on your website,, and Etsy and are planning to be at the New York Baby Show this coming May 17 and 18. I’m sure it will attract the eye of many new moms-to-be. What’s your vision for the future of this line? More products or new designs?

MB: Yes, I’m so excited to have this show coming up. It is certainly an event that is going to make me put together a lot of accessories for this line and it has been growing slowly for almost four years. Yes, I truly hope it will catch the attention of moms and kids and I’m looking forward to expanding the line and just keep doing the things that makes my life more meaningful; drawing with my kids, walking together and making art projects that could become something else for all of us!

Marta bought this vintage drying rack at a flea market and I just love it!

Kid Size Studio, Tiny Totes

Kid Size Studio, Tiny Totes

Kid Size Studio, Snack Bag 

Kid Size Studio, Snack Bag

Thanks so much, Marta, for sharing your process, your work and (most importantly) those arepas today.

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