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Martial Arts Therapy-Kids Combating Disease and Disabilities

Rabbi Gary Moskowitz

Martial Arts Therapy-Kids Combating Disease and Disabilities
Atten: Rabbi Gary Moskowitz
Solomon Schechter Day School of Queens
76-16 Parsons Boulevard
Flushing, New York 11366



Martial Arts Therapy is a incorporated in NYS and is a 501(c)3 tax deductible not for profit organization. Martial Arts Therapy is providing help to children with cancer and other serious illnesses and disabilities such as:

cerebral palsy
sickle cell anemia
chronic asthma
heart condition
severe back injuries where surgical fusion occurred
Martial Arts Therapy offers emotional and spiritual support to children and helps them to take an active role in their healing. Students are taught pain management, physical rehabilitation skills, and deep relaxation techniques. The program is combining several forms of martial arts, modern medicine, psychology, and religion.


Martial Arts Therapy

Martial Arts Therapy has been recognized as a form of complementary medicine, providing a vast spectrum of benefits blocks out pain signals develops inner strength through discipline and sensitivity teaches defenses physically, emotionally, and spiritually
gives a regiment of daily exercises for the mind and body offers a sense of real practical achievement focuses kids’ minds to study and learn better builds confidence to face obstacles creates appreciation for the way the body and world works helps to heal
pushes children to stay healthy and fit awards strength keeps goals in focus
expands positive energy strengthens the immune system brings hope
puts students in a position of power and control

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