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Masa Israel Journey Celebrates the Achievements of 12 Jewish Women for International Women’s Day

December 7, 2023

The campaign honors the pioneering and innovative women committed to advancing a brighter future.

 In honor of International Women’s Day, Masa Israel Journey is proud to recognize 12 remarkable Jewish women for their leadership and commitment to advancing a brighter future. Masa is committed to helping young Jewish adults realize their potential while also connecting to their heritage, in hopes to inspire the next generation of Jewish leaders and empower women across the globe.

These distinguished women come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, from education and advocacy to community building. They have bolstered businesses, launched innovations, and through their dedication, created meaningful impacts that will uplift generations to come. Thanks to these trailblazers, there are now more opportunities for women in both private and philanthropic sectors.

This year’s honorees are Amy Albertson, Jewish Advocate, and Educator; Meara Ashtivker, New York Director of PJ Library; Heidi Gantwerk, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County; Shiri Madar, CEO of Habonim Dror; Lori Palatnik, Founding Director of Momentum; Danit Peleg, 3D Printed Digital Fashion Designer; Rachel Sasiene, Manager of the Israel Action and Addressing Antisemitism Program at Hillel International; Emily Schrader, CEO of Social Lite Creative, Journalist, and Video Host and Producer; Jane Sherman, Jewish Philanthropist; Veronica Siegel, Jewish Educator; Adeena Sussman, Cookbook Author, and Culinary Consultant; Mandie Winston, CEO of United Jewish Israel Appeal.

“I am proud of the work that I have done to share the diverse culinary picture of Israel with the world through my book, Sababa. My commitment to mentor and support young olim–especially women–in the culinary world has been a passion of mine and I am grateful to be acknowledged and honored for my contributions,” said Adeena Sussman, Cookbook Author, and Culinary Consultant. 

“Over my 60 years of involvement with the global Jewish community, I have had the privilege to take part in a number of groundbreaking initiatives, from being the first female campaign chairman in Detroit to starting Youth Futures in my kitchen and seeing it grow to a national Israeli program. But of all my accomplishments, I’m particularly proud of starting Fisher Flight and seeing it blossom into a program that has produced several campaign chairs, federation presidents, Jewish Agency board members, and millions of dollars for the Jewish world. It is an honor to be chosen as one of the women for Masa, which I believe will guarantee the future of our Jewish World,” said Jane Sherman, Jewish Philanthropist.

“Being recognized by Masa is such an honor – it is a testament to the hard work I have put in to make the Jewish community more diverse, visible, and proud. It is especially meaningful to me as an Asian-American Jewish woman, to have my efforts acknowledged and appreciated, and to know I am part of a group of amazing women who are championing the cause of Jewish diversity,” said Amy Albertson, Jewish Advocate, and Educator.

To learn more about the honorees, visit Masa’s Inspiring 12.

About Masa Israel Journey: Masa Israel Journey is the largest immersive, long-term educational experience for young adults ages 16-35. On its programs that range from two months to a year, Masa offers an authentic, unmediated, and challenging journey into Israeli society, culture, politics, and history – and acts as the largest provider for global Jewry to access the finest Israeli businesses, social enterprises, and academic institutions. Since its 2004 founding by The Jewish Agency and the government of Israel, Masa has served over 190,000 young people from more than 60 countries.

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