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Safe & Sound: AngelSense’s GPS Tracker Gives Parents Of Autistic Kids Peace Of Mind

Do you know where your children are? For parents of autistic children, knowing that their child is safe at all times, even when they are indoors or at school, is a dire necessity.

Like all children, autistic kids are naturally curious, and have an intense desire to explore the outside world. The National Autism Association calls this phenomenon “wandering”. Sadly, many of these wanderers get lost. More than a third of them can’t communicate their name, address or phone number, and most of them have had a close call with traffic.

Seeking a better way to keep track of their own autistic children’s whereabouts, in 2013 Israelis Doron Somer and Nery Ben developed AngelSense a GPS and voice monitoring solution designed exclusively for children with special needs. Consisting of a child GPS tracker along with an app for the parent, AngelSense provides peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is at every moment of the day. Also, with AngelSense, parents instantly get alerted as soon as their kids are on the move, so they can see online if they’ve gone into an area of the school building where they are not supposed be.

Built for children with autism

Although there are many GPS trackers on the market geared to keeping track of kids, the AngelSense tracker is specifically designed to meet the needs of autistic children. For example, the device that is attached to the child’s clothing can only be removed by the use of a special key, which the parents keep. This ensures that the child won’t damage or take off the tracker during the day.

To help better serve their customers’ needs, AngelSense’s support line is staffed with parents of special needs children. Their representatives are all expert users of AngelSense who understand what their clients are going through and are passionate about helping parents in similar situations.

According to the company, over 3000 users worldwide currently use AngelSense to monitor their children. The Guardian Kit, which includes the GPS tracker, costs $149 and the AngelSense service, which includes special monitoring features such as ‘listen in’ and other alerts and updates, is $39.99. The company declined to comment on how much money they have raised to date.

In explaining the drive behind the founding of the company, Somer told NoCamels, “I tried to find a solution that will let me, as a parent to a child with special needs, understand what’s going on with my child. That’s all I really want.”

For parents of autistic children, AngelSense may indeed be heaven-sent.

By Hoff Reshef and Yonatan Sredni, NoCamels

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