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September 24, 2023

Did you ever wish there were a single resource you could turn to that provided unbiased information about college savings accounts, life insurance for parents with young children, tax planning, wills, trusts, or choosing a guardian for your child?  If so, you’ll love, a new online resource that provides unbiased legal and financial information for families with young children.  With easy-to-access information about these important topics, Savvy-Parents empowers you to make smart decisions for yourself and your children.


In addition to the website, Savvy-Parents will host monthly events where legal and financial experts will discuss topics affecting parents with young children.  Through July 2016 the readers of NYJPG can attend Savvy-Parents events for free.  CLICK HERE to get your FREE tickets.

Founder Shannon McNulty came up with the idea for Savvy-Parents while working with clients at her boutique Manhattan law firm, where she helps parents with young children protect their families with wills, trusts, tax planning, and other strategies.  Troubled by the lack of easily-accessible, unbiased legal and financial information available to parents, McNulty launched Savvy-Parents to complement her practice and provide an educational resource for the public.

While her firm focuses primarily on the legal side of planning, her work involves a significant overlap with financial planning, an area McNulty believes is rife with misinformation.  “I’ve seen friends pressured into purchasing expensive annuities or life insurance policies that weren’t appropriate for their situation.”  With Savvy-Parents, McNulty aims to help others avoid those types of costly mistakes.



McNulty also hopes the site will prompt more parents to put a plan in place to make sure their family is taken care of in the event of an unforeseen tragedy.  “All too often, parents don’t have a plan in place to protect their children,” says McNulty.  “It’s human nature to ignore the possibility that something bad can happen to us.  Unfortunately, these things happen all the time, and failing to plan ahead of time can have disastrous consequences for your children.”

In addition to basic legal planning documents, McNulty helps her clients implement strategies to protect the family’s privacy, minimize estate taxes, and prevent kids from squandering a large inheritance at a young age.  She provides specialized planning for parents who are not U.S. citizens and therefore face unique legal issues.

You can learn more about Shannon McNulty and her firm at





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