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Soccer Friends USA, Inc.

108-14 72nd Ave. | Forest Hills, NY | 347-756-2988; 347-756-2568 (para Español) |

Soccer Friends USA Philosophy:

At every practice no matter the age we provide new experiences, fun, learning the game of soccer. During game time we let the kids play without stoppages or interference from coaches this helps develop their creativity and enjoyment of the game. Our goal and our hope is to provide a basis for lifelong enjoyment of sports and physical activity. We aim for positive experiences and learning for ALL children. Our coaches are judged by progress of ALL children.


Call or email to book your free trail!
Director Hana Isoda 1-929-210-1826

SoccerFriendsUSA is proud to introduce our Afternoons Club for K-5th graders, located conveniently at our new facility on 72nd Ave, between Queens Blvd and Austin St, in Forest Hills! This program is like no other in that it focuses on each child’s physical, social, and educational development. We have small groups working with experienced teachers and coaches to meet each child’s specific needs. Children will be given plenty of time to complete their homework, as well as enjoy soccer play time and much more!

FREE Pickup service from Our Lady of Queen of Martyr School and P.S. 101.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 2:45pm-6:15pm

2 days, 3 days, 4 days & 5 days options

Highlights include:

* Maximum 1 teacher to 6 children, one-on-one assistance and small groups

* Snack time, homework time, opportunities for growth in social skills

* Soccer play time, soccer skill building, team building

* Gymnastics, balance & coordination, yoga

Check out our website: or call 1-929-210-1826 (Afternoons Club Director Hana Isoda) for more information!

The world our Children live in;

For many children, the preferred place to play is (or has to be) within their own four walls.  Because we live in such a urban concrete jungle there is lack of outside space to play in it gives way to domesticity, leading to a compartmentalization of life.  Homework, computer games and internet surfing significantly restrict the time available for physical activity.  Compounding the issue of inactivity in our children is the continuing reduction of physical education and recess time in our schools also makes for less time spent actively.

The consequences of the above issues lead to posture problems, obesity, cardiovascular deficiencies and problems with basic coordination.  Soccer Friends USA compensates for children’s lack of physical activity by providing a wide variety of activities in all of our programs. All of our coaches focus exclusively on the needs, desires and interests of children, not on scores or championships.

We thank you for entrusting your child with us.  We will do all we can to make sure that you and your children are comfortable with us.  Our priorities for teaching kids to play soccer are shooting the ball in a given direction, dribbling the ball while running, stopping it without using their hands, shooting goals and blocking shots: These are the basic elements of soccer we introduce to our players, with the help of a variety of exercises and above all by playing the game.


However, it’s equally important to us that our young players learn:

  • To get along with their peers in a group
  • To pursue a common goal as part of a team
  • To deal appropriately with winning and losing
  • To respect their opponents
  • To accept they obey the rules, both on and off the field

Your child will also:

  • Develop individual approaches to using sports equipment
  • Gain basic experience in a variety of game situations
  • Improve aspects of coordination such as mobility, agility and reaction
  • Experience the fun and excitement of playing soccer.

So don’t be surprised if sometimes you come to soccer class and see your child playing games that seemingly have nothing to do with soccer. Climbing, balancing, jumping, hopping, skipping, and throwing etc. are fundamental skills that need to be improved.  In the long run, they will contribute to the development of soccer skills.  But of course, practice sessions still revolve around the game.

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